08/20/2018: LETTER | Gatlin Can ‘Make Difference’ For Framingham As State Representative

"...Mike has the experience, knowledge and dedication to really make a difference for Framingham..."

08/20/2018: LETTER | Gatlin ‘Understands the Importance of Bringing Energy to Downtown Framingham’

"...Mike, a lifelong resident of Framingham is truly committed to community service and has a commitment to reshaping Framingham through economic growth and measured development.  Mike understands the importance of bringing energy to downtown Framingham and the benefits that will come with a vibrant downtown..."

08/18/2018: LETTER | Former Framingham School Committee Member Endorses Gatlin For State Representative

"...Knowing Mike as I do, I know that he sees education as the linchpin for maintaining and strengthening our diverse community and his strong presence on Beacon Hill will help us secure the needed state support for all of our efforts..."

08/18/2018: LETTER | Gatlin Will Focus on Economy, Environment, Education, and Elderly

"...As an experienced attorney, he understands the Commonwealth’s laws, which can aid him as he helps to revise or draft new ones. ..

08/17/2018: LETTER | Gatlin Is A Visionary Leader Who Understands the Legislative Process

"...Having represented Framingham myself as a state representative and state senator for 20 years, I feel that I have an informed sense of the qualities needed to successfully represent us on Beacon Hill and I am confident that, among the candidates for this office, Mike Gatlin has those qualities in greatest abundance..."

08/17/2018: LETTER | Supports Mike Gatlin in 6th Middlesex district

"...His extensive contributions to Framingham can readily be seen in the revitalization of our downtown, the train station parking area and the wonderful McAuliffe Library in Nobscot..."

08/16/2018: LETTER | Gatlin Will Be A ‘Champion For Framingham’

"...From the small shops downtown to the Fortune 500 Companies along the city’s highways, Mike understands that a diverse and successful business community is the only way to support the high quality of life that Framingham offers..."

08/15/2018: LETTER | Gatlin Best Candidate To Continue High Level of Education in Framingham

"...Over the last 20 years Mike has demonstrated the high level of commitment to education that, as a public school teacher, I look for in a candidate..."

08/14/2018: LETTER | Gatlin Is A ‘Forward Thinking Person’

"...The new City of Framingham deserves an individual who possess a depth of knowledge about our community, the ability to face challenges in a positive and creative manner, and the skills to bring people together..."

08/12/2018: LETTER | Gatlin Is the Right Choice For State Representative

"...With his astute understanding of the nuts and bolts of municipal government, collaborative relationship with the local business community, and his role as Chairman of the Economic Development and Industrial Corporation, he offered recommendations to reframe and reshape our local economy."

08/08/2018: LETTER | Support for Mike Gatlin for state rep

"...As a teacher in Framingham Public Schools, I believe Mike’s initiative for city-wide public preschool education would benefit our community greatly..."

08/05/2018: LETTER | Mike Gatlin Has ‘Achieved A Well Earned List of Qualifications in Leadership’

"Anyone can theorize concepts but Mike’s years of experience serving Framingham’s education and economic communities, make him the ideal candidate to be our State Representative..."

08/02/2018: LETTER | Gatlin ‘Knows The City And Its Potential Better Than Any Candidate in the Race’

"As a lifelong Framingham resident, Mike knows the city and its potential better than any candidate in the race. This is due to his involvement in our community as a resident and through his service as a community advocate in a number of capacities..."

08/01/2018: LETTER | Mike Gatlin for State Representative

"Anyone can theorize concepts but Mike’s years of experience serving Framingham’s education and economic communities, make him the ideal candidate to be our State Representative..."

08/01/2018: Letter | Gatlin the right choice

"...Mike has been a tireless advocate for progressive issues, grounded in the economic realities of today..."

07/28/2018: Letter | Mike Gatlin for 6th Middlesex

"...I am excited about how he will help Framingham maximize our opportunities in the coming years as our State Representative..."

07/27/2018: LETTER | Gatlin Has Experience To Be Effective as Framingham State Representative

"Mike has already demonstrated success in all of the areas the other candidates are talking about trying to do."

07/20/2018: LETTER | Support Mike Gatlin of Framingham for state rep

"Being dedicated to building Framingham isn’t a recent adventure, it has been a lifelong commitment for Mike..."

07/07/2018: LETTER | Mike gatlin for state representative

"I’ve known Mike Gatlin for over 20 years and am proud to call him my friend...."


Forum held in Framingham for Walsh's seat

06/11/18: Framingham Source

Gatlin Announces Candidacy for 6th Middlesex District State Representative